Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy programs help Chicago drug addicts learn about themselves and their abilities. Patients in adventure recovery programs develop new skills while nurturing their confidence, problem-solving skills and coping strategies. Adventure programs include ropes courses, hiking, rock climbing, working with animals and other adventures that require cooperation, helping others and care-giving. People in addiction recovery need experiences that challenge their thinking about themselves and what they can accomplish. Learning through experience reinforces positive thinking and encourages recovering addicts to take chances and make mistakes in their journey toward drug-free living.

What Happens in Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy programs use experiential programs in safe, action-oriented approaches to help recovering addicts meet their goals outside of standard therapy methods. Adventure therapy pushes Chicago drug addicts above and beyond what they think they can do, and then asks them to analyze their experience in terms of recovery. Ropes courses involve physical exertion and abandoning the fear of failure. Rock-climbing walls require people to trust their partners and team leaders to reach a goal. Team-building activities teach positive group interaction and build relationships.

Equine-assisted psychotherapy lets recovering addicts work with horses to deal with fear and raise confidence. Horses react easily to human emotions and body language, and this encourages those in recovery to understand their emotions and react to others in positive and constructive ways. Adventure therapy programs are used for every age group, but are particularly effective with Chicago teenagers and young adults.

Adventure Therapy vs. Traditional Rehab

The biggest difference between adventure therapy and traditional therapy is the use of experiences to teach life lessons. Traditional therapy uses talk therapy to expose and treat addictive behaviors, but adventure therapy uses experiences to reinforce talk therapy and to help Chicago addicts face their fears. Adventure therapy can augment traditional therapy or follow traditional rehab.

How to Find Adventure Therapy Programs for Chicago Residents

Adventure therapy programs can be found through social workers, community education programs and on the Internet. You can also find adventure therapy in traditional therapy programs or through colleges and universities. All adventure therapists and clinicians should have graduate level degrees in mental health and they should be licensed to provide mental health services by an appropriate governmental agency. Calling a helpline can give you the most accurate, up-to-date and personalized information about adventure therapy and other options for addiction recovery.

Adventure Therapy for Chicago Drug Addicts

Adventure therapy can bolster a treatment program for addiction. If you or a Chicago loved one struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, call us, because we are here to help. Our toll-free helpline staffs counselors 24 hours a day; they can answer your questions about addiction and available treatment options. We are here to help you, so call us now.