Black Tar Heroin Rehab

Black Tar Heroin RehabBlack tar heroin is primarily morphine, with a small amount of heroin. Most often, black tar heroin consists of only about 20 percent pure heroin. This type of heroin comes from Mexico and the western region of the US is where it is most used as a result. It appears deep brown to black in color and is either injected or smoked. Black tar heroin creates a high that can last four to six hours. Black tar heroin may not be as potent as other varieties of the drug but if you’re addicted to it, there are serious health effects.

Dangers of Black Tar Heroin Addiction

Black tar heroin use has some side effects that are unique and dangers that are severe.

  • Venous sclerosis. This occurs as a result of the impurities in black tar heroin and is characterized by the narrowing and hardening by the veins.
  • Flesh eating disease. The deep tissues of the body become infected.
  • Tissue necrosis.  This tissue death occurs due to the frequency of injections.
  • Wound botulism. This wound contamination occurs at injection sites.

Seventy-five percent of black tar heroin addicts that contract one of the above conditions die as a result of those complications.

Treating Black Tar Heroin Addiction

Black tar heroin addiction can be treated using the following steps:

  • Detoxification. Most often, black tar heroin drug rehab begins with detoxification as withdrawal is challenging and hard for addicts to tolerate on their own.  According to the National Institute on Drug Addiction, heroin detox is rarely fatal but withdrawal effects can last seven to 10 days .
  • Medically assisted detox. In many cases, medical detox is recommended for withdrawal from black tar heroin and the most common medication used today is methadone. This medication only needs to be taken once per day and can suppress the physical cravings of black tar heroin.
  • Psychological counseling. Because heroin withdrawal is so physically demanding, a number of psychological issues surface with drug withdrawal. One-on-one counseling or group support is necessary to address these issues in conjunction with the physical dependency issues.

Finding Help for Black Tar Heroin Abuse

If you recognize signs that a loved one is abusing black tar heroin, then drug treatment is absolutely essential to prevent the life-threatening risks outlined above. Individuals who get treatment can return to society as functional, productive members — something they’ll never be able to do as long as they are using such a potent drug. There are a variety of treatment options available to treat this addiction; if you call us today, we can help you go over those options.