Can I Quit Drugs on My Own?

Can I quit drugs on my own?Drug use can easily turn into abuse and addiction. At some point people who use drugs may begin to realize their use has become a problem. One of the first questions they are likely to ask themselves is whether they can overcome the problem on their own or if they need help. The answer to that question depends to a large degree on the nature of the drug use. Chicago residents who use drugs occasionally but haven’t yet developed tolerance, dependence or addiction may be able to stop their use without assistance, although this is still unlikely. Those with more extensive habits will need help.

The Nature of Drug Addiction in Chicago

Understanding the nature of addiction can help people understand why help overcoming drug use is needed. Addiction develops because users’ bodies react to physical changes caused by a drug. Drug tolerance is the need to increase the dosage of a drug to achieve previous results, and it is one of the first signs that a user’s body is adapting. The adaptations continue, until Chicago residents are physically dependent. Physical dependence means that users have adapted to such a degree that they have withdrawal symptoms when the drug isn’t present in the body. Full addiction occurs when people have drug cravings and continue to use their drug of choice despite negative consequences.

Dependent users will need to go through detox. Detox is the process of clearing drugs from a user’s body. Some drugs are more difficult to detox from than others, but detox from any drug without medical supervision can be dangerous. Medically supervised detox services, during which medical professionals monitor withdrawal symptoms and make patients as comfortable as possible, are always recommended.

What Detoxification Can’t Do for Addicted Chicago Residents

Some Chicago residents believe that after detox they can manage the rest of the recovery journey on their own. Although it isn’t impossible, it is difficult to do for several reasons. These include the following:

Detox doesn’t directly address the brain changes caused by the drug and the body’s reaction to it.
While the brain is healing, cravings are likely to continue to be strong. As much as recovering drug users consciously want to overcome their habits, another part of the brain will continue to want drugs.
People often begin to use drugs because of an underlying mental health condition like anxiety or depression. If these issues are not identified and treated, they are likely to contribute to a continued desire to self-medicate with drugs. A quality rehab program will help people identify and address such conditions.

People who use drugs generally develop unconscious associations between drug use and certain sensory or emotional cues. A rehab program can help people identify some of the cues that may be difficult to confront without help.

Chicago Residents Can Quit Drugs

If you or a loved one is struggling with a drug habit, we can help you find treatment options or rehab programs that will match your recovery needs. We can check your health insurance coverage, help with interventions, answer any questions and more. Our helpline is toll free, and we are available around the clock. Don’t wait another minute to break free from the grip of drug abuse or addiction. Call today.