Changes in How Addiction Is Viewed

Changes in How Addiction Is ViewedSociety used to frown upon treatment techniques and procedures for addiction. This was simply because they did not understand addiction and they lacked the resources for learning about it. Current addiction treatment is much more successful, especially when compared to the past. Society used to frown upon both addicts and rehab because it saw addicts as weak-willed and/or as criminals. However, while Chicago drug addicts may now have criminal records due to addiction, but medical professionals now see addiction as an illness, a mental disorder, rather than a weakness.

How Was Addiction Viewed?

Prior attempts to treat addicts were often unsuccessful and inhumane. Because little was done to understand why addicts act the way they do while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, many people viewed them as little more than a menace to society. For instance, in the past a Chicago drug addict may have been viewed under any of the following labels:

  • Criminals
  • Mentally and physically weak
  • A menace to society
  • Contagious

In the past, society often viewed all addicts as criminals. It believed that addicts couldn’t maintain certain lifestyles unless they stole, lied and cheated. Society also viewed addicts as mentally and physically weak. They believed that being unable to stop their drug and alcohol use demonstrated a weak will or the inability to control themselves. Lastly, society looked at addicts as contagious, because they thought that if they are in contact with an addict, that they themselves would become an addict. They viewed addiction as a communicable disease rather than an effect of poor choices and controlling chemical reactions. Thankfully for modern Chicago drug addicts, medical professionals no longer hold these views.

How Is Addiction Viewed Now?

Thoughts about addiction have changed drastically from the past. Current medical professionals view addicts in the following ways:

  • Accepted
  • Common
  • Illness
  • Treatment is more successful

Many people in the past tried to hide their addiction more than today’s drug addicts. Rather than risk being locked up in an asylum, drug addicts used to keep their habits a secret to stay free. However, today’s society is more accepting of drug addicts, partially because there are more treatment facilities and programs. Also, addiction is more common, and many media sources discuss addiction and its effects. Society understands that addiction is an illness and not a sign of physical or mental weakness. Success rates are higher when compared to the past, which can be comforting for any Chicago resident with this debilitating problem.

Chicago Addiction Treatment

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