Finding a CARF-certified Rehab Center

Finding a CARF-certified rehab centerYou invest so much time, energy, and money into a drug rehab program that you want to make sure the one you choose will lead to recovery. Rehab centers should offer quality care without taking advantage of your vulnerability and need for help. The Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) seeks to promote and ensure effective, quality services among rehab centers. Rehab facilities that have been certified by CARF are guaranteed to offer services that are upheld to specific standards. Chicago addicts who want to get clean will want CARF-certified rehab.

Why Is CARF-Certification Important for Chicago Residents?

CARF-certification gives you and your Chicago loved ones the assurance that a rehab program places the interest of its patients above all else. These centers practice safe treatment methods, and produce excellent results. CARF-certification allows patients and their families the benefit of not having to worry about whether or not a treatment program adheres to best practices; these addiction specialists on staff do all they can to contribute to the long term recovery of each Chicago patient.

What Should Chicago Residents Look for in a Rehabilitation Center?

Along with CARF-certification, there are many other qualities that you can look for in a rehab center. For instance, rehab centers should be staffed with certified medical and psychological professionals, as well as addiction specialists. Furthermore, the detox process must be medically supervised, to prevent potential health risks and treat any serious side effects of withdrawal. Some rehab programs may be unable to offer medical detox on site but may direct patients to an external location. Medical detox is one of the crucial elements of treatment.

However, it is also important to make sure a rehab center does not only offer detox. Though detox is important, it does not address the whole problem of addiction. Drug addiction alters brain chemistry and leads to compulsive behavior. Furthermore, many addictions develop as a result of deeper emotional or psychological issues. Therefore, counseling and psychiatric help are just as crucial to long term addiction recovery as medical care. Chicago patients are encouraged to continue getting treatment even after detox.

Help Finding CARF-Certified Rehab for Chicago Residents

Are you struggling with drug addiction? Do you know and love someone in Chicago who is struggling with drug addiction? If so, we are eager and willing to help. Our toll free helpline is available 24 hours a day, so please feel free to contact us at anytime for support from one of our addiction professionals. We can answer your questions and connect you to a CARF-certified treatment program that is right for you or loved one. All calls are free and confidential. Give us a call today.