Illinois Sober Living Facility

Illinois Sober Living FacilityIt is important to keep working at your sobriety — it’s a lifelong battle after all.  Rehab offers a sheltered environment where there are no temptations, making the process of staying sober easier. Once you return home, old faces and situations can make it difficult not to cave in to temptation.

You need to ensure that you have a strong support group that will help you stay on track. Some ways to do this are by finding local Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings or other local support groups and getting a sponsor.

AA or NA meetings are a way to surround yourself with people who are focused on their sobriety, just like you are. At these meetings, you can find a mentor or a sponsor. Another option, if these meetings are not for you, is to stay at a sober living facility.

Sober Living Facility Options

sober living facility is a great way to make baby steps back into the real world. A sober living facility is a home where multiple people who have completed rehab  live together while abiding by rules, chores, and curfews. This is done to help create structure in the residents’ lives. Individuals always have the support of one another, and they have the guidance of a house manager who has many years of sobriety under their belt.

In addition to a sober living facility, outpatient rehab can act as suitable aftercare. This allows individuals to continue to get support and guidance even once they’ve been released from a treatment center.

Who Needs Sober Living?

For those Illinois addicts who have been through residential rehab but don’t feel that they are quite ready to return home completely on their own yet, there are several options available. Sober living facilities are important as they allow individuals to make a more gradual transition back into their lives. For addicts who have gone to rehab, a sense of structure is also something that they come to rely on for their sobriety, and aftercare can offer this. Not all addicts have families that are highly supportive, and after drug rehab, a strong support network is key. In sober living, this network is available from others who share in the recovery experience.

Finding Sober Living Facilities for Illinois Addicts

If you’d like to enter an aftercare program, give us a call. We can help you find an option that best suits your life and level of addiction.