Living up to Your Potential When Free from Addiction

Living up to Your Potential When Free from AddictionWhile philosophers might argue over deep questions about the meaning of life, it seems clear to most of us through simple observation and experience that humans are made for relationships, for work and for health. A drug addiction can seriously prevent reaching normal and healthy goals in these areas; drug addiction can even put a permanent end to a human life. Chicago addicts can rebuild their lives, though, if they seek professional help.

How Drug Addiction Affects Relationships in Chicago

Healthy and honest relationships are a part of a good life. The use and abuse of drugs, however, can seriously impact good relationships in the following ways:

  • Drug addiction usually thrives on secrecy and deception, making trust almost impossible between and among Chicago friends and family members
  • Radical personality changes and mood swings that are often associated with drug abuse make stable relationships difficult
  • Financial stresses that often comes with drug addiction can damage relationships, especially when money (or theft) becomes an issue
  • Physical health issues can put stress on friends and family
  • Drug abuse and addiction almost always cause isolation

How Drug Addiction Affects Chicago Residents

Humans are made for good work. Children love to play, which is a kind of “work” that they take very seriously. We feel good when we complete a job, and we take pride in a job done well. Drug abuse robs Chicago addicts from work in these ways:

  • Drug abuse destroys good work habits
  • A drug addiction can directly affect job performance
  • A drug addiction that causes stress, financial pressure and mental disorders will make good work almost impossible

Physical Effects of Drug Addiction

We are created to live a healthy life in a healthy body. Our bodies are designed with healing capabilities, whether it is a scraped knee or a cold. Drug abuse and addiction works against the natural inclination of your own body to function in a healthy way. Chicago addicts do not have the healthiest bodies possible, which hinders their ability to live a great life.

How Professional Treatment Helps Addicted Chicago Residents

Picture a whole, healthy life. You have good friends with whom you share interests, hobbies, and leisure activities, whether it be fishing, cycling, knitting or shopping. You have good work; you may (or may not) be getting rich, but you make solid contributions to your work. Your body is healthy; you know you are not damaging your liver, your hearing, your brain or any other part of your body. You look forward to the days and weeks ahead, with plans for enjoying life and being a productive member your community. This is possible, and it is, you can be sure, what you are made for. To attain this, Chicago addicts need only reach out for help.

Chicago Addiction Help

Addiction interrupts life in Chicago and blocks movement toward goals. Calling our toll-free helpline right now can get you or your loved one back on track. We are here to help you live up to your potential, and we are here 24 hours a day to do so.