Staying Clean from Drugs

Staying Clean from DrugsRecovering from drug addiction is a process. It involves treating the addiction from both the physical and psychological angles, because the goal is for Chicago residents to get and stay clean.

How Chicago Residents Can End Drug Addiction

The first step in drug addiction treatment is a medically managed detox. During detox clients clear drugs from their systems while withdrawal symptoms are treated.During this time clients are kept comfortable and safe while being supervised by a staff of medical professionals. Detox prepares patients for rehab, but detox isn’t enough on its own to treat an addiction. After detox, staying clean becomes important because clients are likely to be more sensitive to drugs. This means that, if someone abuses drugs again, and takes the amount she took before detox, she is at a higher risk for overdose. After detox all Chicago patients should enter a rehab program.

Relapse Prevention Skills for Chicago Residents

During rehab Chicagoans will be taught many things to help them avoid drugs and stay clean. Counselors will help them identify what cues might trigger them to use drugs. These may be emotional states, such as depression or anxiety, or sensory cues, such as sights, sounds, or smells associated with drug use. Patients will learn to avoid triggers as much as possible while also learning howto face temptation. Relapse prevention skills include the following:

  • Learning to recognize negative emotional states and finding alternative ways to deal with them
  • Caring for your bodyand trying to avoid fatigue, hunger, or excessive stress
  • Avoiding isolation
  • Attending support group meetings
  • Developing strong relationships with family and friends
  • Developing new hobbies and interests
  • Learning to ask for help
  • Keeping a journal to determine any patterns associated with temptation for relapse
  • Using distraction techniques when urges hit
  • Learning to “urge surf” and ride out waves of temptation
  • Finding ways to remember all the negative consequences of using

How to Find a Good Addiction Rehabilitation Program

There are a number of things to look for when searching for a rehab program to help with getting and staying clean. Many Chicago addicts also have co-occurring mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, or post-traumatic stress disorder. Dealing with these issues can go a long way toward helping clients recover. It is important to find a rehab program that treats all identified disorders in an integratedmanner.

Another component of a quality rehab facility is a strong aftercare program. The period of recovery immediately after rehab is an important time. Clients are adjusting to their new ways of living and trying to incorporate new skills and ways of thinking into their old schedules and daily stresses. Rehab programs vary in the strength of their attention to this component, but good rehab programs will prepare Chicago residents for life outside of rehab.

Chicago Rehabilitation Help

We can help you find a rehab program that will treat co-occurring disorders, teach relapse prevention skills, and have a strong aftercare component. Call our toll-free helpline, available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and let us help you find the treatment option that’s right for you. We can even check your insurance coverage for you, if you wish. You can get clean from drugs and you can stay clean. Call now and let us help.