Poverty’s Influence on Drug Use

Poverty's Influence on Drug Use

Poverty and Drug Use

Drug use statistics often show that those who belong to marginalized socioeconomic groups are the ones who are most affected by drug use. While there is no denying the fact that people who are poor are more likely to experiment and be addicted to drugs, it is also true that drug addiction can lead to poverty. Drug use is prevalent among people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and all income levels. However, the nature of addiction tends to differ among various social classes. [Read more…]

The Downside of Treating Addiction as a Crime

The Downside of Treating Addiction as a CrimeThere are innumerable reasons for Chicago drug addicts to seek professional help, including the disease’s damage to an addict’s health, relationships and working, living and financial situations. But, one of the most pressing reasons for an addict to recover is the possibility of legal ramifications. Piecing your life back together after addiction is rewarding, but challenging. For instance, recovering addicts face considerable hurdles, from making up for lost time or mistakes with loved ones, to finding employment and winning the daily battle of choosing sobriety over substance abuse. Legal consequences can impede progress in these areas, so it may not be best to punish addiction legally. However, such is the case, so drug addicts must be aware of the dangers they risk. [Read more…]

Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from Friends

Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from FriendsYou should never accept prescription drugs from anyone other than a doctor who has written you a prescription for a particular purpose. Your friends do not have the knowledge necessary to recommend or suggest a prescription drug. No matter how well-meaning your friends’ intentions may be and no matter how innocuous the substance may seem, only a doctor is qualified to offer you prescription drugs. Using prescriptions without a doctor’s approval creates the potential for severe health risks in Chicago residents. For example, if you accept an opiate based substance from a friend, you put yourself at risk for developing addiction. Even a single instance of misuse can lead to prescription drug addiction. [Read more…]

The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug Abuse

The Connection between Impulse Control and Drug AbuseImpulse control is not simply a lack of willpower, but rather a neurological disorder tied to neurotransmitters like dopamine. Scientists believe that contributing factors can range from genetics to head trauma, and it can encourage dangerous problems like drug addiction. Chicago residents with these issues should seek help to manage both of them simultaneously. [Read more…]

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug Use

How to Avoid Losing Your Job to Drug UseOne of the effects that drug use can have on your life is that it can cause you to lose your job. Without your job, the financial burden of drug addiction will become even more severe, adding even more stress to your life. Drug use is a problem that requires treatment to recover from, and without treatment your addiction will continue to get worse, putting your health and job at risk. Chicago residents who fear they could lose their jobs because of drug use should seek professional treatment. [Read more…]

Defining a Drug Abuse Problem

Defining a Drug Abuse ProblemIt may be difficult to determine a drug abuse problem. In fact, Chicago residents may have considerable trouble determining recreational drug abuse from a serious drug problem. However, if people learn about the signs of drug abuse, they can identify dangerous habits and seek help before too much trouble develops. [Read more…]

Changes in How Addiction Is Viewed

Changes in How Addiction Is ViewedSociety used to frown upon treatment techniques and procedures for addiction. This was simply because they did not understand addiction and they lacked the resources for learning about it. Current addiction treatment is much more successful, especially when compared to the past. Society used to frown upon both addicts and rehab because it saw addicts as weak-willed and/or as criminals. However, while Chicago drug addicts may now have criminal records due to addiction, but medical professionals now see addiction as an illness, a mental disorder, rather than a weakness. [Read more…]

Anxiety Disorders and Tranquilizer Abuse

Anxiety Disorders and Tranquilizer AbuseAccording to the National Institute on Mental Health approximately 40 million Americans ages 18 and older suffer from an anxiety disorder each year. Anxiety disorders include the following:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Social anxiety disorder

The main characteristic of anxiety disorders is severe anxiety that interferes with daily life in Chicago. [Read more…]

Abandonment Issues and Addiction

Abandonment Issues and AddictionAbandonment can happen at any age. Parents abandon their children. Spouses abandon each other. Siblings move away and/or become estranged from each other. In each case, abandonment can lead to dangerous behaviors when the feelings have not be processed appropriately. One of these behaviors is drug abuse. When Chicago residents who have been abandoned discover they can medicate their pain with drugs, even if it is just for a short time, using drugs becomes increasingly appealing.
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What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?

What Are the Deadliest Drug Combinations?While all drugs are dangerous when abused, there are certain combinations of drugs that are especially dangerous and deadly and should be avoided at all costs. It is important for Chicago residents to be aware of these consequences if taking or abusing drugs, so that they can take precautions and prevent deadly combinations that can lead to bad reactions or even fatal overdoses.
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