The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical Advice

The Dangers of Leaving Addiction Rehab against Medical AdviceA number of factors make addiction treatment successful. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has identified principles that make rehab more effective. They note that remaining in treatment for an adequate period of time is vital. Therefore, any Chicago resident who wants to break an addiction should stay in rehab until doctors suggest leaving.

Why Leaving Rehab Early Can Be Detrimental

There are many reasons that leaving rehab early can harm an addiction recovery. Staying in rehab the full term will give Chicago residents the following benefits:

  • When the brain is healing from addiction, drug or alcohol cravings are likely to be intense at times and to come seemingly without warning. The longer that Chicago residents stay in rehab, the more time their brains have to heal in a substance-free environment where it isn’t easy to give in to cravings.
  • People in recovery from addiction often have multi-dimensional needs. There may be underlying physical or mental health issues that complicate the addiction. It takes time for clinicians to determine what symptoms are related to drug or alcohol withdrawal and what symptoms indicate another underlying condition. Both will need treatment for patients to have the best chance of recovery.
  • Addiction is a brain disease and far more than just a habit, but building new habits and breaking old ones is an important part of the recovery process. Developing new habits takes time and persistence, which cannot be accomplished in a hurry. The longer Chicago residents spend in rehab, then they have better chances at creating new habits.
  • Every recovering addict has unique emotional, behavioral and sensory cues that trigger relapse. The longer that individuals stay in rehab, then the more of these personal triggers are likely to be identified and countered.
  • Patients often have thought patterns that make recovery more difficult. It takes time for counselors to identify these and to counteract them.
  • Some patients are prescribed maintenance medications like methadone or buprenorphine. Physicians need time to monitor the effects of these drugs and to find optimal dosages.
  • Building a strong support system is an essential part of recovery. Often support systems begin with relationships formed in rehab. The more time you spend in rehab, the stronger and more meaningful these relationships are likely to be.

If you are considering a shorter sting in rehab than professionals recommend, you are putting your recovery at risk.

Help for Chicago Drug Addicts

If you live in Chicago and are ready to start the rehab journey, we can help you find the program that’s the right match for your specific needs. Our toll-free helpline is staffed 24 hours a day, so we’re always ready to take your call and answer your questions. We can check your insurance coverage if you wish and can help you sort through all your treatment options. There is help and hope for addiction, so call today.