What Is Social Model Detox?

What Is Social Model Detox?A successful detox is crucial to the success of any addiction recovery. Withdrawal symptoms put tremendous pressure on an addict to use drugs again, but if someone relapses, detox and all of its pain would have to begin again. Detox must lead Chicago drug addicts to the next step in addiction recovery, which is rehab. Social model detox supports drug addicts through withdrawal symptoms while using minimal medical intervention. While the body works through withdrawal, medical professionals monitor the patient’s health, they counter his pain with comforting measures and they help prepare his mind for the next steps of treatment.

Medical Monitoring in Social Model Detox

Very little medication, if any, is used during social model detox. The process usually is done outside of a hospital, but medical professionals constantly monitor the vital signs of every Chicago drug addict. Although doctors and nurses are not routinely involved in social model detox, medical personnel are contacted if any vital signs are unusual. Because of the lighter medical involvement, the social detox model may be inappropriate for addicts with long histories of heavy drug use. For these users, the withdrawal symptoms may simply be too severe to handle outside of a hospital. Clinicians may also advise against social model detox for if users have an unrelated medical condition that detox may aggravate.

What Happens at Social Model Detox

Social model detox programs offer Chicago patients the following services:

  • Sauna and whirlpool treatments
  • Low-impact exercise training
  • Meditation lessons
  • Massage
  • Therapeutic meals
  • Comfortable accommodations

There is a storm of pain during withdrawal, but these natural comforting methods give addicts some positive sensation to help them focus on recovery.

How to Prepare for Addiction Recovery

After detox, the body may have eliminated the physical drug addiction, but Chicago drug addicts must prepare psychologically for a drug-free life. If treatment ends with detox, the addict is almost certain to begin using again. Social model detox prepares addicts for the next phase of recovery by using the following programs:

  • Treatment coordination helps addicts construct a plan for treatment after detox
  • Counseling, group and individual therapy sessions help patients change their thoughts and behaviors to enable sobriety
  • Instead of being alone in a hospital, detox patients in the social model get support from other addicts and visits from Chicago friends and family

Before detox ends, addicts have a head start on treating drug addiction.

Chicago Detox Help

Call our 24 hour, toll-free helpline right now to learn more about social model detox. If you or a Chicago friend needs to get started with recovery, this may be the right treatment option for you. Call our counselors right now for instant help.