Will My Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?

Will My Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?If you think you can’t afford drug addiction treatment, consider your options. Insurance may cover some or all of the costs, and recovery is always more affordable than continued addiction. Rehab is about making good choices and doing all that you can to change your life in Chicago for the better.

The Real Cost of Addiction in Chicago

There is a real and overwhelming cost associated with drug addiction in Chicago. Multiply the cost of one pill, dose or hit by the number used per day. Multiple this by 30 for a look at the monthly price of addiction or by 365 to see how much you spend per year. Addiction is more than financial, however. Factor in the following costs of continued drug use:

  • Time spent away from your family and friends
  • Loss of effectiveness at work or loss of job altogether
  • The risks associated with living in the drug culture
  • Chronic health and/or mental health issues

The cost of recovery is far less than the actual cost of addiction. Think about the life you could have, if you put addiction behind you. Addiction treatment provides a path to that life.

Insurance Coverage and Addiction Treatment for Chicago Residents

You want to know if your insurance will cover addiction treatment, but this is not a question with a yes or no answer unless your specific provider is contacted. Ask your insurance provider the following questions, or have an addiction professional call for you:

  • What kind of addiction treatment does my policy cover?
  • What is my deductible or co-pay?
  • What is my plan ceiling?
  • What are the costs for out-of-network and in-network addiction treatment?
  • Are there any preferred providers/treatment specialists?
  • Is a doctor referral required before being admitted to rehab?
  • Are there any additional out-of-pocket costs I should be aware of?
  • What length of treatment stay is covered?
  • Does my plan cover travel to and from rehab or any other incidental costs?

What to Look for in Addiction Treatment Programs for Chicago Residents

While insurance coverage may be a huge deciding factor when choosing your rehab plan and facility, make sure you ask questions like the following before agreeing to treatment:

  • What addictions do you treat?
  • Is your treatment program holistic in approach?
  • What treatment options do you offer?
  • What is the typical length of stay?
  • What is the cost difference in getting inpatient treatment versus outpatient treatment?
  • What insurance do you accept?
  • Do you offer financial aid, financial counseling or payments?
  • What do you recommend if I can’t afford to pay for treatment?
  • What are the credentials of the person(s) on staff who would treat my addiction?
  • With what professional organizations is your treatment center affiliated?

Want to Know If Your Insurance Covers Treatment?

Call our toll-free helpline any time to talk about getting help for your addiction. You may be surprised how affordable treatment can be and how much your insurance may cover. Aren’t you ready to get rid of the anxiety, the fatigue and the addiction that keeps you captive? Call us today to find recovery solutions for Chicago residents.