What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your Recovery

What to Do If Your Family Does Not Support Your RecoveryEarly in the addiction recovery process, people often count up the assets they can rely on as they remake their lives and also the problems they will have to confront. While many Chicago residents can count on strong support from family, others are not so lucky. For a variety of reasons, some or all of an addict’s family may decline to help with the recovery process or even work against it. While recovery is more difficult without family support, you can still find a path forward. [Read more…]

Preparing Your Home for Life after Rehab

Preparing Your Home for Life after RehabOne benefit of inpatient rehab is that it gives Chicago residents a break from pressures and responsibilities so that they can focus on getting sober. The next step in recovery is leaving treatment and learning how to live in a real-life environment. One critical part of making this transition is to make your living space recovery friendly. With some help, you can ensure that your home will contribute to recovery and not hinder it. [Read more…]

How to Give Your Child a Future after Addiction

How to Give Your Child a Future after AddictionAddiction can impact every aspect of your life. The consequences that you face can also follow you and impact your future opportunities. Because young adults are faced with many hardships, they might resort to drug use to help ease some of the stress and burdens they face. This can lead to serious health conditions that may result in permanent damage or a criminal history that can plague them for the rest of their life. Helping young adults in Chicago have the future they deserve after sobriety can be both stressful and rewarding. [Read more…]

Life after Rehab

Life after RehabAfter emerging from the structured, supportive environment of rehab the real world can seem daunting. In a practical sense, you will have bills to pay, a job to either find or return to, paperwork to organize and mail to sort through. Many friendships will need rebuilding or reevaluating, family members must be met with or cared for and social settings need to be entered. Before leaving rehab think about how you are going to stay sober while readjusting to your normal life in Chicago.
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How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological Health

How Addiction Treatment Improves Psychological HealthInpatient rehab is the most effective method of treating addiction. Addiction often stems from psychological or emotional issues that need to be addressed, and time spent in rehab produces lasting results. In addition to overcoming addiction, Chicago residents will benefit from receiving treatment for any psychological issues that contributed to or resulted from the addiction.
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Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction Recovery

Tips for Maintaining Your Addiction RecoveryAddiction recovery is a life-long pursuit that does not stop after completed rehab. In order to have a successful drug-free lifestyle, Chicago residents must actively work to maintain sobriety for the rest of their lives. Though this sounds intimidating, there are steps that you can take to make your new lifestyle less overwhelming.
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Benefits of Hearing Recovery Success Stories

Benefits of Hearing Recovery Success StoriesHearing addiction recovery success stories encourages the continuation of sobriety, inspires Chicago residents to seek treatment and prevents individuals from experimenting with drugs.
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What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can’t Do?

What Do Recovery Professionals Do That I Can't Do?Drug addicts sometimes believe they can recover without professional help. Although it is possible, it is more difficult than necessary when they attempt recovery alone. There are a number of things that recovery professionals can do that can help Chicago residents overcome addiction, so seek help today if you want to get clean.
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Avoid Setting Yourself Up For Recovery Failure

Avoid Setting Yourself Up For Recovery FailureLearning to maintain addiction recovery can be just as tough as getting clean. Living without drugs can be scary, overwhelming and confusing, but by understanding your emotions, triggers and addiction, you can begin set forth a plan of action to combat recovery failure. Chicago residents can stay clean with the right help.
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Adventure Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Adventure Therapy for Addiction RecoveryAdventure therapy programs help Chicago drug addicts learn about themselves and their abilities. Patients in adventure recovery programs develop new skills while nurturing their confidence, problem-solving skills and coping strategies. Adventure programs include ropes courses, hiking, rock climbing, working with animals and other adventures that require cooperation, helping others and care-giving. People in addiction recovery need experiences that challenge their thinking about themselves and what they can accomplish. Learning through experience reinforces positive thinking and encourages recovering addicts to take chances and make mistakes in their journey toward drug-free living.
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