Will My Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?

Will My Insurance Cover Treatment Costs?If you think you can’t afford drug addiction treatment, consider your options. Insurance may cover some or all of the costs, and recovery is always more affordable than continued addiction. Rehab is about making good choices and doing all that you can to change your life in Chicago for the better.

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Paying for Drug Rehab

Paying for Drug RehabRehab can be life-saving for drug addicts but the costs of rehab can be steep for those already in a  compromised financial position. The specific costs of drug rehab depend upon the type of drug rehab and the duration of treatment.

Inpatient rehab is the most expensive rehab option because of the 24/7 care that’s offered.  There are additional amenities also available to individuals who are staying in the environment. The less expensive option is outpatient treatment because there are no accommodations provided; addicts live at home throughout their recovery.
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