Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from Friends

Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from FriendsYou should never accept prescription drugs from anyone other than a doctor who has written you a prescription for a particular purpose. Your friends do not have the knowledge necessary to recommend or suggest a prescription drug. No matter how well-meaning your friends’ intentions may be and no matter how innocuous the substance may seem, only a doctor is qualified to offer you prescription drugs. Using prescriptions without a doctor’s approval creates the potential for severe health risks in Chicago residents. For example, if you accept an opiate based substance from a friend, you put yourself at risk for developing addiction. Even a single instance of misuse can lead to prescription drug addiction.

Methods of Prescription Drug Seeking

Many Chicagoans mistakenly believe that those who are addicted to prescription drugs always receive their substances of choice from drug dealers. However, buying prescription drugs from strangers on the street is a less common method of drug seeking than simply raiding the medicine cabinet or accepting drugs from friends. When a person first begins to misuse drugs, he probably does not know how to find a dealer. Therefore, using prescriptions that belong to friends or family is a much more accessible method of obtaining drugs, especially in the early stages of addiction. As addiction progresses, however, the user’s drug seeking behavior may escalate and eventually include other methods.

Progression of Prescription Drug Abuse

As a user’s demand for a substance increases, he may turn to more extreme methods to obtain drugs. Users may begin to lie to doctors about symptoms, hoping to obtain prescriptions. They may even see several doctors in order to obtain multiple prescriptions. Users may begin to spend their savings on drugs that they purchase illegally. They may even steal money from family members, if they spend all of their own money. As the intensity of drug cravings increase, the user’s main priority becomes finding and using prescription drugs. Family, work, and school all become secondary to drug abuse. This does not mean that the drug user no longer cares about his relationships or responsibilities. However, addiction is a brain disease that significantly alters the sufferer’s behavior and causes compulsions that are difficult, if not impossible, to control. Understanding this is a Chicagoans first step towards recovery.

Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction

If you use drugs recreationally with your friends in Chicago and have developed an addiction, consider seeking professional help. Treatment from a rehab center can help you regain control of your life and achieve recovery. Addiction treatment combines several components, including medical detoxification and individual and group counseling. Other components may include holistic therapies such as yoga or acupuncture. These treatment methods work together to help patients recover from both the physical and psychological sides of addiction.

Need Help Finding Treatment for Prescription Drug Addiction?

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