Evanston, IL Drug Treatment

Evanston, IL Drug TreatmentEvanston, Illinois has the goal of becoming the “greenest city in America.” It is already one of the most impressive in terms of education with prestigious Northwestern University located there.  While many students will surely become society’s up and comers, there are others that are getting swept away into the college lifestyle of partying and illegal activity.  There are a variety of different drugs that are often abused by college students as outlined below.

Stimulant Use by College Students in Evanston, IL

College students in Evanston, IL have a lot on their plate, and if they want to succeed in school sometimes they need more hours in the day than are legitimately available. They therefore turn to medications like Ritalin that are designed to keep them alert and focused as they study and try to earn their degrees. These drugs are often sold by those prescribed them legitimately. The drugs may not be illegal to obtain but it is illegal for individuals to sell medications or for others to purchase them on the black market.

Cocaine Use in College Students

A popular party drug with today’s youth is cocaine. It can be taken in a number of different ways and isn’t as easily detectable by authority figures as other drugs like marijuana. This is a drug that can often keeps students awake for extended periods of time as well, so it allows them to stay up all night and party. Cocaine is readily available on most college campuses.

Risks of Drug Use for Evanston College Students

Students often believe that their drug use is not so detrimental. They think that they’re simply embracing their youth and having a great time. But college students have a lot to lose in particular. The following can result from abuse of drugs:

  • Students may be kicked out of school if their drug use is suspected, sacrificing their educational future.
  • There is the potential to be arrested and charged if caught with illicit drugs whether they are “street drugs” or prescriptions that have been improperly obtained.
  • If parents are funding the education of their children, they may stop paying for school if they find out about drug abuse.
  • There are long-term health effects of drug abuse.
  • The influence of drugs may cause students to do poorly in school.

Finding Drug Treatment for Evanston Students

Students from Evanston, IL can benefit greatly from entering rehab regardless of their drug of choice. If someone you know is ruining their future with drug use, refer them to our toll-free phone number and we can provide more information on drug addiction treatment programs.