Joliet, IL Drug Treatment

Joliet, IL Drug TreatmentJoliet, Illinois is one of the most rapidly growing cities, not only in Illinois, but also in the country. It is home to Rialto Square Theatre, considered by some to be one of the most gorgeous theaters in the entire world. Along with its growing population, there is a growing demand for drug treatment as Joliet residents fall victim to drug use.

Ecstasy Addiction in Joliet, IL

Ecstasy, or MDMA, is a popular party drug. Teen Ecstasy addiction is rather common because of the drug’s effects. People who take it report feelings of euphoria, increased intimacy, and a decrease in depression and anxiety.  Some users even claim that it helps strengthen sexual desire.  Ecstasy can often be found on or near many college campuses, clubs, raves and parties. With a growing nightlife scene in Joilet and a relatively young population, Ecstasy use occurs in the area.

Ecstasy is a psychologically addictive drug but it doesn’t have a strong physical addiction component. Individuals who abuse this drug are unique in that it’s rare that they use it day in and day out; they may only use it for a night out once a week or so, making it different than how addicts use heroin or cocaine. These factors make withdrawal from Ecstasy less intensive than other drugs, so many addicts will find that outpatient drug rehabilitation is sufficient for them.

Risks of Ecstasy Addiction

Treatment is required for Ecstasy abuse, otherwise addicts put themselves at risk for the following:

  • Dehydration
  • Ingestion of tainted drugs
  • Impaired judgment

Treating Joliet Addicts with Outpatient Rehab

Ecstasy addicts can be highly functional since their drug use does not usually take place daily.  This means that they may still have jobs and responsibilities that they could jeopardize by taking time off for inpatient drug treatment. Outpatient treatment allows these addicts to get help and keep their routines, while still recovering successfully. While this type of treatment may not be right for all Ecstacy addicts, this is the right place to start the journey.

If you have an Ecstasy addiction and you would like to speak with someone about good treatment options, contact us today. You can learn more about the risks of the drug if you give us a call and we’ll address any treatment concerns you may have.