Preparing Your Home for Life after Rehab

Preparing Your Home for Life after RehabOne benefit of inpatient rehab is that it gives Chicago residents a break from pressures and responsibilities so that they can focus on getting sober. The next step in recovery is leaving treatment and learning how to live in a real-life environment. One critical part of making this transition is to make your living space recovery friendly. With some help, you can ensure that your home will contribute to recovery and not hinder it.

How to Avoid Relapse after Rehab

When Chicago residents return home after rehab, they may fear the risk of relapse. While rehab was safe and offered no temptations for drug use, real life may be fraught with ways to undermine your recovery. To help stay sober after rehab, consider the following suggestions:

  • Enlist help. Going home can feel like stepping into a time capsule back to when you used drugs. Bring a friend or family member with you on your first trip back for emotional support.
  • Make a clean sweep. Throw sentimentality aside and get rid of anything associated with using, including stashes of your substance of choice and paraphernalia. Rather than having these memories staring you in the face, it will be better if Chicago residents have little to tempt them.
  • Stock your fridge. Hunger can trigger people to use, so make sure your cupboards aren’t bare.
  • Organize your way through cravings Distract yourself from cravings by tackling a small organization project. Ordering your environment can tame the chaos in your head.
  • Post reminders. Surround yourself with support-group meeting schedules, phone numbers of friends in recovery and helpful slogans
  • Consider a housekeeper. A tidy living space can help life feel less overwhelming.
  • Make a decorative statement. Celebrate the positive change in your life with fresh flowers, curtains or a piece of artwork that provides a visual reminder of your progress.

If leaving the cocoon of a treatment center feels too daunting, a transitional living environment may be a better option. All halfway houses have different rules and structures, but most offer the benefits of a drug and alcohol-free environment that provides structure and community. Chicago residents can overcome the temptation for relapse if they take action as soon as possible.

Chicago Relapse Prevention

If you or a Chicago loved one suffers from addiction, we can help. Our recovery counselors are available at our toll-free, 24 hour helpline to guide you to wellness and affordable solutions. You can live without drugs and alcohol, so please call today and take the first step toward a life of health and wholeness.