What Will Happen to Me if I Stop Using Drugs?

What Will Happen to Me if I Stop Using Drugs?While putting an end to drug abuse and addiction is obviously a good thing, Chicago residents often fail to think about the serious health effects that take place when they stop using a particular drug that their bodies and brains have become accustomed to. All drugs, whether they be over-the-counter, prescription, or illicit have risk potential, and as counterintuitive as it may seem, the dangers of quitting a drug can be just as life-threatening as abusing a drug. Getting more knowledge of how drug use affects the brain and body will help Chicago residents grasp the seriousness of suddenly quitting the use of a drug. [Read more…]

Role Models and Addiction Prevention

Role Models and Addiction PreventionThere are many forces that influence addiction, such as genetics, stress, social pressure, and co-occurring disorders. When any of these are coupled with a dysfunctional environment or a lack of resources, individuals may choose to abuse drugs. Not everyone has a great support system, so it is imperative that there are consistent positive messages to influence these individuals. A positive role model can have a major impact on another’s decisions to use drugs or to get clean. [Read more…]

Five Tips for Safe Prescription Drug Use

Five Tips for Safe Prescription Drug UseJust because the drug comes from a doctor does not make it safe. Pain medicine and heroin both feature compounds derived from opium poppy, while prescription amphetamines share similarities with cocaine and other stimulants. Accidental addictions are common, and certain sedatives and anti-anxiety medications can be lethal if the user quits too abruptly. Other dangers include the following:

  • Overdose from too high a dose or combining with similar medications
  • Accidental poisoning of babies and children who ingest adult prescriptions
  • Drug-related accidents that occur after underestimating a drug’s side effects
  • A dangerous drug interaction from taking multiple prescription medicines at once

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Taking Personal Responsibility for a Future without Addiction

Taking Personal Responsibility for a Future without AddictionExternal forces can help during the recovery process, but Chicago drug addicts need personal determination, responsibility and accountability to succeed in addiction recovery. The family and friends of an addict may use a professional interventionist, but the interventionist cannot force an addict into treatment. Interventions try to convince the addict that he has an issue that requires help. While an addict can be forced to detox, he cannot be forced to remain sober. Addicts must want that for themselves for treatment to succeed.
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Living up to Your Potential When Free from Addiction

Living up to Your Potential When Free from AddictionWhile philosophers might argue over deep questions about the meaning of life, it seems clear to most of us through simple observation and experience that humans are made for relationships, for work and for health. A drug addiction can seriously prevent reaching normal and healthy goals in these areas; drug addiction can even put a permanent end to a human life. Chicago addicts can rebuild their lives, though, if they seek professional help.
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Staying Clean from Drugs

Staying Clean from DrugsRecovering from drug addiction is a process. It involves treating the addiction from both the physical and psychological angles, because the goal is for Chicago residents to get and stay clean.
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How to Enjoy Life without Drugs

How to Enjoy Life without DrugsOne of the most common fears of Chicago addicts who are considering rehab is that life without partying sounds like zero fun. The fact is that drugs destroy the enjoyment of life long before they actually take that life. Only after a Chicago resident gets clear of the physical and mental problems of addiction can she fully appreciate life.
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How Rehab Provides Healing For Chicago Families

How Rehab Provides Healing For Chicago FamiliesAddiction places stress on Chicago families. Addiction can make you act in ways that you would never normally consider acting. Addiction takes over your whole life and becomes your top priority. This makes your family and friends feel left behind and shut out. However there is hope for those struggling with addiction. If you are in the Chicago area, rehab can provide healing for addiction and the harm it has caused family relationships.
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Illinois Sober Living Facility

Illinois Sober Living FacilityIt is important to keep working at your sobriety — it’s a lifelong battle after all.  Rehab offers a sheltered environment where there are no temptations, making the process of staying sober easier. Once you return home, old faces and situations can make it difficult not to cave in to temptation.

You need to ensure that you have a strong support group that will help you stay on track. Some ways to do this are by finding local Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings or other local support groups and getting a sponsor.
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