PTSD and Addiction

PTSD and AddictionPosttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addiction frequently co-occur and in fact have much in common with each other. PTSD happens when someone cannot cope with a traumatic event; Chicago residents who experienced combat, a natural disaster, rape or some other sort of violence may develop this crippling condition. The brain naturally associates events with sensations, such as a particular song recalling a memory or the smell of apple pie reminding people of a grandmother. In cases of PTSD these associations that can cause extreme and irrational reactions. Many of these associations are unconscious and can take people by surprise, making it difficult to cope.
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Causes of Accidental Drug Addiction

Causes of Accidental Drug AddictionAddiction is often described as a biopsychosocial disease. This means that it has biological, psychological and social components. Some physical ailments, like colds or the flu, have a relatively defined beginning, but Chicago drug users can rarely pinpoint the moment when addiction begins. There is a continuum between drug use, abuse and addiction, and often people slide into addiction without being fully aware of it.
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Athletes and Painkiller Addiction

Athletes and Painkiller AddictionSteroids are often the first drug that comes to mind when talking about substance abuse among athletes, but painkiller addiction is also common in sports. Football, rugby, hockey, mixed martial arts and other contact sports often involve players suffering from chronic pain, and injuries can turn competitors toward OxyContin, Vicodin and other drugs to play through the pain. Many athletes in Chicago start taking pain medication to stay in the game but eventually become controlled by addiction.
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How the Internet Enables Addiction

How the Internet Enables AddictionThe Internet allows you to do many things people could not do before its rise, but unfortunately all good things can be used to do bad. The Internet has been a tool that many Chicago residents use to enable addiction. Through the use of the Internet, users can find ways to acquire and research drugs and alcohol, which may lead them to addiction. On the other hand, the Internet may also serve as a great resource for addiction treatment. If you need help with addiction you can find the help you need by searching online. Use the Internet to help yourself instead of causing more pain because of addiction.
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What Is A Gateway Drug?

What Is A Gateway Drug?“Gateway drug” is a term used to describe drugs that supposedly lead to the abuse of other substances. Popular gateway drugs include tobacco, alcohol and marijuana. The theory behind gateway drugs is that if a Chicago resident begins using these “harmless” substances, they have a higher chance of becoming addicted to more harmful drugs in the future. Some even claim that gateway drugs cause substance abuse and addiction.
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What Is Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders?

What Is Alternative Sentencing for Drug Offenders?It is illegal for Chicago residents to use, possess, distribute or manufacture drugs that are considered to have a high potential for abuse. These drugs include the following:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana

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What Enabling an Addict Looks Like

What Enabling an Addict Looks LikeWhen you discover that a Chicago loved one abuses drugs, you may be uncertain about what to do. You want to help her get better, but you also want to make her happy. You may feel like if you push her too hard toward sobriety, she may resent you and stop speaking to you altogether. Some people who are put in this situation will cave to the pressure and enable their addicted loved one. This is unproductive for any Chicago drug addict or enabler, as these behaviors often harm both parties.
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How to Respond to Your Loved One’s Drug Use

How to Respond to Your Loved One's Drug UseIt can be overwhelming to learn that your Chicago loved one has been abusing drugs. Your first instinct may be to shout in anger or to ignore it in fear, but the problem will remain either way. You can react in many ways that only encourage drug abuse, but this is not what you want. If you want to help your loved one quit abusing drugs, be tough and encouraging at the same time. Encourage your Chicago loved one to get help with her drug abuse, but let her know the habit is unacceptable.
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How Social Status Affects Drug Use

How Social Status Affects Drug UseMany Chicago residents in many social strata use drugs, however there are many factors involved in the kinds of drugs used, where they are used, and who uses them.
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How Addiction Impacts Learning and Memory

How Addiction Impacts Learning and MemoryAddiction affects the brain in many profound ways, many of which are related to learning and memory. Effects on these processes can have wide-ranging results, including perpetuating drug or alcohol use. Chicago residents will need help breaking their addictions.
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