Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from Friends

Dangers of Getting Prescription Drugs from FriendsYou should never accept prescription drugs from anyone other than a doctor who has written you a prescription for a particular purpose. Your friends do not have the knowledge necessary to recommend or suggest a prescription drug. No matter how well-meaning your friends’ intentions may be and no matter how innocuous the substance may seem, only a doctor is qualified to offer you prescription drugs. Using prescriptions without a doctor’s approval creates the potential for severe health risks in Chicago residents. For example, if you accept an opiate based substance from a friend, you put yourself at risk for developing addiction. Even a single instance of misuse can lead to prescription drug addiction. [Read more…]

Five Tips for Safe Prescription Drug Use

Five Tips for Safe Prescription Drug UseJust because the drug comes from a doctor does not make it safe. Pain medicine and heroin both feature compounds derived from opium poppy, while prescription amphetamines share similarities with cocaine and other stimulants. Accidental addictions are common, and certain sedatives and anti-anxiety medications can be lethal if the user quits too abruptly. Other dangers include the following:

  • Overdose from too high a dose or combining with similar medications
  • Accidental poisoning of babies and children who ingest adult prescriptions
  • Drug-related accidents that occur after underestimating a drug’s side effects
  • A dangerous drug interaction from taking multiple prescription medicines at once

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